Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Well I Had My First Fur Mama Heart Attack

I woke up and had no IDEA where Frost was. DH said he was probably somewhere asleep. But I was nervous. He'd been sleeping with us all day and night.. Even this morning he was always nearby. 

  But he was NOWHERE. I mean not a peep! 

AAAAAND I panicked. LoL! I pulled all the covers off the bed, pushed the mattress off the wall- what if he'd gotten wedged?!!! He has to be here! He can't get out of the house. I was a wreck with worry. 

  Then out of nowhere.. He pops up. Cute as ever. He was under the bed. Asleep. -_-

  I'm just glad he was safe. 

 Ahhhh, motherhood. :p


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