Monday, July 20, 2015

Life is Moving Along

  Frost is getting bigger and more active everyday. When we got him, he was a little underfed and skittish. He was in a cage with 2 or 3 other cats and honestly I think they ate all the food and he couldn't get to much of it. He was pretty quiet, though I did get some super cute purrs and meows. 

  Now he's coming out of his shell! Eating pretty good- eating OUR food when we let him.. He'll eat a few pieces of meat or potatoes from our plate, THEN go eat some of his cat food! So he has an appetite. His little belly is getting fatter and I can feel less bones when I'm petting him. It's great! He's even gotten heavier and BIGGER. When he's on my neck now, I feel it!! LoL! 

  I'm so happy he's doing well. I've been feeding him 9Lives wet food. He eats about a can a day. It's the big cans and I basically give him all he'll eat. Small amounts at a time. Plenty of clean water. I bought the Iams Dry Kitten Food but I don't think he likes it too much. They fed dry in the shelter too, which may be why he was so skinny. (That's speculation. I'm not sure if that's why or not.) I just think he is doing better on wet food. 

  We are so happy to have little Frost and I think he loves us too. 😊


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