Friday, December 16, 2016

Dammit It's Been a Long Time!!

It's been over a YEAR since we brought our little Frost home. He's not so little anymore!! He is now a full grown kitty man! But he's still mamas baby. 

Here he is cuddled up next to mama this cool December morning. 

Maybe he's not FULL grown. I think they're fully grown at 2 years old, so he's like a 17 or 18 year old?? Maybe. Still he had came so far. 

He's forever being cute. But he can also be very distinguished. 

LoL! My little man. I just love him so much. ❤️

He's come a long way from 2 months to 20 months. 

And I pray we have a long long time as a happy family. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's Been a Month Already!!

It's been a whole month since we brought Frost home and let me tell ya, he is a HANDFULL!! He's so busy. LoL! He's almost doubled in size. His once skinny face is filling out and that belly is getting ever cuter by the minute. I just love him so much. 

He is difficult to photograph though. I've heard it's a common issue with black cats. So adorable in person, just a black blob on camera. That's alright though. Occasionally I get photos like this

He was sleeping so hard. It was the cutest ever. 

And this

You can see he's much bigger he use to sleep on my neck

But he's too big now and it's too damn hot in Florida for that. LoL! But he's still my baby. No matter how big he gets, that's my little boy. Always will be. 

And at this rate by the time he's grown he'll be 100 feet long. :p


Monday, July 20, 2015

Life is Moving Along

  Frost is getting bigger and more active everyday. When we got him, he was a little underfed and skittish. He was in a cage with 2 or 3 other cats and honestly I think they ate all the food and he couldn't get to much of it. He was pretty quiet, though I did get some super cute purrs and meows. 

  Now he's coming out of his shell! Eating pretty good- eating OUR food when we let him.. He'll eat a few pieces of meat or potatoes from our plate, THEN go eat some of his cat food! So he has an appetite. His little belly is getting fatter and I can feel less bones when I'm petting him. It's great! He's even gotten heavier and BIGGER. When he's on my neck now, I feel it!! LoL! 

  I'm so happy he's doing well. I've been feeding him 9Lives wet food. He eats about a can a day. It's the big cans and I basically give him all he'll eat. Small amounts at a time. Plenty of clean water. I bought the Iams Dry Kitten Food but I don't think he likes it too much. They fed dry in the shelter too, which may be why he was so skinny. (That's speculation. I'm not sure if that's why or not.) I just think he is doing better on wet food. 

  We are so happy to have little Frost and I think he loves us too. 😊


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Well I Had My First Fur Mama Heart Attack

I woke up and had no IDEA where Frost was. DH said he was probably somewhere asleep. But I was nervous. He'd been sleeping with us all day and night.. Even this morning he was always nearby. 

  But he was NOWHERE. I mean not a peep! 

AAAAAND I panicked. LoL! I pulled all the covers off the bed, pushed the mattress off the wall- what if he'd gotten wedged?!!! He has to be here! He can't get out of the house. I was a wreck with worry. 

  Then out of nowhere.. He pops up. Cute as ever. He was under the bed. Asleep. -_-

  I'm just glad he was safe. 

 Ahhhh, motherhood. :p


Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Welcome to my latest blog, Life and Frost! I hope you'll really enjoy my little space here to talk about... Well my life, and my brand new kitty, Frost!

Who is absolutely adorable. Frost was a rescue from The Alachua Animal Service in Alachua County here in Florida. (Gainesville, FL- Go Gators!!) 

Anyway, as anyone who has read my blogs will know, I was a TTC'er. Which means hubby and I were actively trying to conceive. But due to complications and just the passing of years, I am no longer actively trying. We're not PREVENTING mind you. We're just not "trying" anymore. Honestly for me the disappointment was getting to be too soul crushing. 

  But with love to give, we decided to adopt a pet- a small dog or a kitten, leaning more toward a kitten. Finally, just today we went to pick up a kitten.  There was another kitten that we initially wanted had been adopted. They have a spay/neuter before the animal leaves policy, so we had to come back and little Kody was already gone. We were disappointed, but determined to adopt, so we searched through the many cutie pies and saw little Frost. And he is a sweetheart. He was a stray, only 2 months old (actually going on 3 now.) so he was a bit skittish, but still really sweet. We knew, he was the one. 

  So now we're home and Frost is adjusting pretty well. He loves to play! His favorite toy is the laser pointer.He'll chase that thing all day! It's so much fun and so nice to watch him play. When he gets tired, he likes to nap next to me. 

  So.. Now, this is the beginning of our lives with Frost.