Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's Been a Month Already!!

It's been a whole month since we brought Frost home and let me tell ya, he is a HANDFULL!! He's so busy. LoL! He's almost doubled in size. His once skinny face is filling out and that belly is getting ever cuter by the minute. I just love him so much. 

He is difficult to photograph though. I've heard it's a common issue with black cats. So adorable in person, just a black blob on camera. That's alright though. Occasionally I get photos like this

He was sleeping so hard. It was the cutest ever. 

And this

You can see he's much bigger he use to sleep on my neck

But he's too big now and it's too damn hot in Florida for that. LoL! But he's still my baby. No matter how big he gets, that's my little boy. Always will be. 

And at this rate by the time he's grown he'll be 100 feet long. :p